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荷兰中国留荷学生学者联合会 ACSSNL

全荷学联是在荷兰学习,进修的中国公派和自费留学人员(本科生,研究生,进修人员,访问学者,高级访问学者及项目交流、合作科研人员) 的群众性组织。其目的在于自我教育,自我管理,自我服务,维护留学人员的合法权益。通过开展各项有益的活动,丰富留学人员的生活;增进留学人员之间的友谊和相互了解,加强团结;鼓励留学人员互相学习,为国服务。同时向荷兰朋友宣传中华民族的文化历史,促进中荷友好。
ACSSNL is the largest volunteer organization representing Chinese students and scholars in the Netherlands. It aims at constantly improving the Chinese students’ experiences in the Netherlands, representing the Chinese student voice effectively to the Dutch society and beyond, supporting student academic and social wellbeing, and providing opportunities for integration of Chinese students in the local Dutch society.

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